April 01, 2015

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Top 3 Energies for Festival Season

Festival season has awakened our sense of wonder and creativity to gear up for the wild ride ahead. 

These top 3 energies will get you out the door and carry you through the fabulous adventures that await: 

  1. Prosperity - Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it promotes success, prosperity and abundance in life. Our Caterina necklace will help you score the perfect spot when your favorite band hits the stage at Coachella
  2. Tranquility - Magnesite is a relaxing and calming stone said to generate a positive attitude and remove negativity, while balancing emotions and improving self esteem. If you lose track of your friends at The Hangout Fest, our Indian Summer necklace will keep you cool and calm while you chill at the ferris wheel and check out the hot guy sitting next to you.
  3. Determination - Sharks teeth are a symbol of power and determination known to instill focus and forward momentum in the lives of the wearer. When the dance pit gets a little crazy at Bonnaroo, just grab onto your Siren necklace and move through the crowd like the fierce goddess that you are.

Whether you're going to a big music festival or a backyard birthday bash this Spring, these energies will help you hit it big while staying balanced and focused at your favorite events.