Sometimes it takes something life threatening to ignite something life changing.

That’s where my story begins.

In 2008 I suffered a traumatic brain injury and the prospects of a full recovery seemed dim. Graciously, the Universe decided to give me another shot. I awoke in the hospital bed recovering from brain surgery with a heightened sense of gratitude. I was more peaceful; in some way more spiritually fulfilled.

“What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi

While my life before the accident was a good one, this awakened ‘version’ of myself was inspired to put in the work, overcome past fears, manifest my desires - and be the very best woman I could be each and every day -- It was time to change my vibe.

I started small:

I silenced my inner self doubt, with a mantra to hunt for self love.

I wrinkled my ‘resting bitch face’ with a warm, ever present smile.

I replaced my instinct to shy away with an authentic urge to vocalize my gratitude.

Say I love you. Every time.

As I grew into this new version of myself, I liked her - a lot. She wasn’t afraid to go for it. She had focus. She was centered and confident in her decisions. She attracted the right energies, people  -- opportunities.

Celebrate the hustle.

I wanted to share this feeling with other women. The amazing women in my life had strong intentions, desires and dreams. How beautiful would it be to help them find a way to manifest them into reality? This is where Liana Paula Jewelry began.

Intention Based Jewelry

Intention is the foundation of manifestation, of purpose, and is the starting point for creating the kind of life you want. I design intention based jewelry, using powerful gems that carry the organic energies we need to help us manifest our dreams. 

I focus on using positive energies to help people tap into their hidden strengths, understand their worth and live life to their full potential. My jewelry is a beautiful daily reminder to stay in tune with intentions so the chase never slows.

Our customers are free spirited women who take ownership of their future and rely on themselves to manifest their dreams. They speak up, they take care of themselves and they shamelessly go for it.

When a woman wears a piece of Liana Paula Jewelry, I want her to feel amazing; to exude confidence, channel motivation and radiate positive energy every day.

I couldn’t be more thankful for my amazing life and the beautiful gifts the universe continues to share with me. My jewels are the extension of that gratitude and have become the way I share that with others.

Don't chase. Attract.

Much love,