Sometimes it takes something life threatening to ignite something life changing.

That’s where my story begins.

In 2008 I suffered a nearly fatal brain injury and the prospects of a full recovery seemed dim. Graciously, the Universe decided to give me another shot. I awoke in the hospital bed recovering from brain surgery with a heightened sense of gratitude. I was more peaceful; in some way more spiritually fulfilled.

“What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi

While my life before the accident was a good one, this awakened ‘version’ of myself was inspired to put in the work, overcome past fears, manifest my desires - and be the very best woman I could be. I saw the world in a new light, and it was beautiful.

Little did I know, another shift was approaching... In late 2012, I suffered a second nasty concussion that was even harder to recover from. The chronic migraines were unbearable, and in the spring of 2013, I made the really difficult decision to quit my dream job and become my own boss. I loved designing jewelry as a hobby – why not give it a go full time? That’s when Liana Paula Jewelry was born.

I started working at my own pace, allowing my brain to heal, and enjoying this peaceful, enlightening journey! As I grew into this new version of myself, I liked her - a lot. She wasn’t afraid to go for it. She had focus. She was centered and confident in her decisions. She attracted the right energies, people  -- opportunities.

I wanted to share this feeling with other women - women who might need it more than me.

Intention based jewelry crafted with hope

In late 2017, I met a group of refugee women whose power to overcome struggle made my own pale in comparison. I was instantly inspired.

I met these women at a global nonprofit, World Relief, as I was exploring how to expand my jewelry production. (My days and nights with a headlamp were no longer keeping up.)

These women came from all over the world, and their stories felt unbelievable.

I met Lia, from Eritrea, who, along with her infant son, courageously escaped a country plagued by starvation, a controlled dictatorship, and human rights violations that claim the lives of innocent people, every single day.

I met Daryna, from Ukraine, who fled her war torn country, along with her family and 2 children, after nearby towns and villages were destroyed, and the sounds of fighter jets and air strikes kept them awake, night after night.

I met Badura, from Congo, who, along with her 5 children, left their homeland to escape the growing conflict and violence, where thousands have been killed and dumped into mass graves. Unfortunately, while in one of many refugee camps, Badura was separated from two of her children and brought to the US without them. Her heart still yearns to find them, each and every day.

These strong refugee women had overcome atrocities I couldn’t even imagine and yet, they greeted me with a smile every time I saw them. They’d left their lives behind and taken a chance that America would in fact be the land of opportunity.

In an instant, I’d found a group of women who embodied everything I aimed to be:

~ Women who stay in tune with their intentions.

~ Women who take ownership of their future and rely on themselves to manifest their dreams.

~ Women who speak up.

~ Women who take care of themselves and their families, and shamelessly go for it.

~ Women who choose gratitude.

We began manufacturing our signature hoops with a program called Hoops with Hope. Every week the women learned how to make a new piece of jewelry. Every week they began to earn an income through dignified work. Every week they were that much closer to a better future for themselves and their families.

Every week, I fell more in love with them. My God, I fell in love with them.

So here we are today - Liana Paula Jewelry is expanding with purpose, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the beautiful gifts the universe continues to share with me. My jewels are the extension of that gratitude and have become the way I share that with you.

Much love,




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