'love stone' gift set with turquoise - $79

  • triple stack bracelet set featuring (2) snow quartz bracelets and (1) turquoise bracelet, plus a small pair of hoop earrings. your choice of 14k gold plated or sterling silver

    turquoise is known as a symbol of friendship and is said to bestow joy and happiness to the wearer while stimulating romantic love - the perfect gift for that sister, colleague or dear friend in your life.

    click the 'energy' tab to learn more about the powerful stones in this stack.

  • turquoise is a symbol of friendship, known to bring peace and prosperity to the owner. this calming and uplifting stone is one of the oldest protection amulets and is said to bestow joy and happiness in the life of the wearer while stimulating romantic love.

    snow quartz is a calming and soothing stone, which encourages inner balance and mental clarity. this stone is said to remove negativity and stress while bringing good fortune and opening the wearer's connectivity to higher self.

  • rock these bracelets and hoops with a sundress for brunch at the beach or a fitted top for date night. 

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